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Calgary Web Development

    We create amazing digital experiences that will not only engage your customers but are tailored for lead generation. With over 700 website experiences delivered in the last 23 years we have fined tuned our process to create extraordinary digital experiences.


    Over 23 years and 180+ full enterprise software builds our Systems Designer's and expert Software Developers deliver incredible experiences.


    Have an idea for an app? Speak with us so we can help bring your vision to life. We make mobile experiences beautiful and profitable.


    Award-winning branding experts that help you develop a strategic foundation and ensure your culture delivers. Bring your brand to market.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Get your web site showing in the top three positions for Google, Yahoo and Bing organically. One of best forms of inbound marketing with the highest ROI.

  • Search Engine Marketing (PPC/SEM)

    Your customers use search engines to the tune of 14 billion searches a month. Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Remarketing Campaigns give you instant results putting your company in front of millions.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Social Media marketing can be powerful if harnessed properly. We get to know and understand your business and can tie into your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest with proven strategies.

  • Consultation

    We provide consultations, start-up planning, blockchain, digital marketing strategies and market intelligence. Give us a call to set up an appointment.

Web Design and Development ProcessCalgary Web Development

Your customers need a digital experience that's tailored to them. Having a fast-loading website with a rich experience that delivers the essence of your business is key. We deliver clean calls to action that help convert website visitors into leads. We work closely with you to design rich and engaging features and calls to action which bring about expected outcomes from your target audience. Your website should deliver your key messages seamlessly to your customer.

Persona Map Example by Red Cherry

Your website is the virtual sales force for your companyCalgary Web Development

Your website is the virtual sales force for your company and can be the forefront of your marketing strategy. We make sure all digital marketing needs are addressed and built into the framework. Converting visitors to leads and providing your customers a rich experience that keeps them engaged is key to having a successful virtual sales force. Providing website design in Calgary for over 23 years. We take all major things into consideration during the web design and web development process. Whether it's a simple one-page website build or a new social network we cover all the bases and always build with ROI in the picture.

Information Architecture by Red Cherry

We first start with our Persona Mapping process Calgary Web Development

We first start with our Persona Mapping process to learn who your demographic is, who your competitors are, and what roles they will play in your website. Understanding your personas influences everything from the design of the website to how we will market the website. It also gives us valuable insights into what your competitors are doing right and what they are doing wrong. It also gives all parties involved Red Cherry and its clients the ability to be on the same page as far as expectations and what experience needs to be delivered for the persona.

Wireframe example by Red Cherry

Once we have identified all the key personas engaging the website we need to understand how they will flow through the website.Calgary Web Development

Once we have identified all the key personas engaging the website we need to understand how they will flow through the website. An information architecture clear illustrates from a high level how the personas flow through the website, what pages will share similar design and framework, and any other processes involved. With a basic website, this is a very rudimentary home, about, services, blog, blog details, and contact. But if the website has more complex software processes or flows we need to identify those right away and understand what impact they have on the design and user experience. The information architecture makes a visual representation of your website and is required with every project.

Design Infographic for Red Cherry

Next stop visual designCalgary Web Development

Visual design and flavor of the homepage is our next stop with websites. We want to ensure we have nailed the artistic requirements such as balance, white space, contrast, unity, and proportion. The rhythm of the design is like the flow of music it can randomized, regular, alternating like many apple products left to right, progressive and new age, or flowing. The design of the homepage influences the entire website so making sure this page is done right is key before we flush out the rest of the pages in the information architecture is essential. Following our design principles and applying this to our personas is vital to creating a successful eye-catching engaging design.

Strategy Infographic for Red Cherry

Implementation of your website or web applicationCalgary Web Development

Once we have flushed all the designs it's time to implement them into working code. With all our websites we cut them into WordPress Content Management System. This allows our clients to easily make changes to the website content and also search engines love WordPress. Creating a WordPress site also allows our clients to implement a content strategy clients can blog on a regular schedule about the services or products and provide rich insights and details. By doing this each time you create a new post it gives more keywords for us to go after with the SEO campaign. The manner in which we code WordPress makes it very simple to use and not bloated. Using plugins such as advanced custom fields give our clients a simple interface that they can easily use to make updates. We also configure your contact forms, sign-up forms, and any other forms using formidable forms plugin that captures the data and can be easily exported to SalesForce or any other customer relationship manager. Having a website that is user-friendly follows design principles and loads fast across mobile, tablet, and desktop will also score big with the search engines. All our websites are built to be responsive and will render to fit beatifuly across any platform you use.

  • Large to Small Websites
  • Wordpress and CMS Builds
  • Rich Media and Animations
  • Eccomerce Integration
  • Rich Engaging Experiences
  • Brand Engagement