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Wireframing is a very important aspect in the web design process and it is one that Red Cherry uses to ensure clients get the best of the best.  A wireframe can be though of like a blueprint; it is a black and white diagram outlining site structure often including navigation, buttons, and images. Red Cherry as been using wireframing techniques to help our clients successfully deliver their message, product and service for the last 12 years. Wireframing is important as it drills out layout and importance of you products and/or services and how much real estate they should aquire on each page.

Wireframes are one of the only ways that a company can visually explain how a website will work without over complicating the design.  It is a stage where clients get a chance to understand the websites functionality and ensures that both parties are on the same page. Many people in the industry believe that the wireframing process is a waste of time when in fact it allows developers to catch vital errors and make changes as necessary.  If this step is skipped errors may be found in the implementation stage which will impact the project dramatically costing clients more time and money. Make sure if the project calls for a wireframe it is done. Not all projects need wireframing but when it comes to some websites and almost all software builds a wireframe is good to have.

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