Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Over time as many successful businesses begin to grow they experience technical barriers that were not there when they first started. For instance how do they manage all there clients, leads, invoicing, accounting, emails, work flow, backups, data, sharing, project management, contacts, and emails after they have grown there company? Now their Excel spreadsheets of leads and shared Outlook calendar is just not working. It's a difficult bridge to cross as it means you have to shift your data 99% of the time to a cloud based system.

Many businesses are just not aware of how many great SaaS ( software as a service ) products are out there and how effective they are. For instance a business might have 10-50 employees but all the contacts are on each employees machine and are not shared easily. This in its own can cause a Doppler effect breaking down work flow at many different levels. We have experience helping small to large business overcome this transition by reviewing their current setup, providing clear direction on what SaaS to use, how to use it properly and how to setup the business so it can easily scale. It's normal for this to happen to any successful business as allot of the time if its working why change it and we don't really have time to change it as we are focused on the business its self.

Stream lining your work flow can be easy as exporting your outlook contacts to Google contacts, using Dropbox for sharing files and Capsule to manage your leads and sales process. These cloud based systems allow for your business to scale, are cloud based so everyone has access to shared calendars, contacts, and files. We look at everything from email setup are you running IMAP or POP3 is your email server unlimited storage. Many SaaS products offer great apps so your employees have access to your company's data when ever and where ever. Make your company ready for the next 10 years increase time you spend on building your business and stop wasting time because of poor infrastructure. Give us a call today let us know your pains and we can help you get started in the right direction.

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