Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of getting your website to the top Google for specific keywords. SEO is important for any business as it generates qualified leads. You might ask qualified leads? SEO falls under the genera “inbound marketing”. Inbound marketing is different from traditional marketing as people already have in their heads what they are looking for. Where as traditional “outbound marketing” print ads, radio, TV are broadcasting your message out to anyone regardless or not they are looking for your product or service. If someone is looking for a new car in Calgary and they type in “New Ford Focus Calgary” and your website shows up first “organically” there is a good chance that person will visit your website. 

Once they are browsing your website clear calls to action and a well designed website should land you a call or email. But this is where remarketing comes in! We are partnered with one of the largest networks than can reach 97% of websites online. Red Cherry will setup your website so after someone visits your website we drop a Cookie in their browser. After that any affiliate website they might visit such as newspapers, magazines, blogs and social networks your ad will display. We typically design three ad types with clear messaging. So not only has this person found you through SEO they are now reminded of your business were ever they surf afterwards. We find this type of inbound marketing to have the highest ROI and be most effective for our clients. Contact us today to find how Red Cherry can help accelerate your leads.  

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