Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Software builds are a complex process and have to be broken down into digestible components so both parties client and design team can ensure the MVP is not only reached but executed successfully. Having been executing a UCD (user centred design ) process we initially after the persona mapping, user journeys ,information architecture we wire framed using static wireframes to provide and gut feeling of what the software build would be. While this is a good start we have taken it one step further by building working prototypes that are cut into HTML5 you now having a working mobile, tablet and desktop prototype that you can touch and feel. Also this allows the scope to be defined to a very definite point that reduces refactoring even further. Having a prototype that unifies the design, development and creative helps teams work smarter gets all stakeholders involved and also gets the code base started for the build. This allows user experience testing and really feeling out the flow of the information architecture to appeal to your users gut instincts and get the most important feedback from all users before the database is designed and the software is implemented. 


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