Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Hootsuite allows your business to promote it's brand, increase social signals all in one place. There are many powerful features Hootsuite offers but on a high level here is a really simple feature that we suggest anyone with a blog / digital marketing campaign should explore. First create (if you don’t have any social networks) the standard social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Next pay for Hootsuite pro and connect all these social networks to Hootsuite.

Now download the Hootlet extension for Chrome/Firefox and install. Now when you blog make sure to simply click the Hootlet button. Hootlet will automatically give you a selection of which image you would like to include and let you select which social networks you wish to push your blog post out too. Very powerfull and simple for the everyday business owner looking to increase social signals. Hootsuite simply takes your blog post creates shortened URL strings and formats the post accordingly for each social network. Now your hitting 5 birds with one stone. What this allows busy business owners to do is focus on writing high quality blog posts and simply clicking the hootlet button to propagate these posts to their social networks. Of course there is so much more you can do with Hootsuite and with social media marketing but this is simple and effective way to keep balanced social signals and keep your brand engaging your audience after each blog you write.

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