Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Heading out this summer on camping trip? Figure you will have no cell service there and it may be a difficult place to find? Here is a little trick that will give you the power of Google maps satellite maps and your phones GPS. Before you head out simply pinch and zoom into each area you will be driving to. For instance if it’s a remote lake somewhere there maybe many backroads in order for you to get there.  All you have to do is simply pinch and zoom on all the roads and area that your going to and make sure to leave the Google maps app open. Once your on the road you can reference Google maps to see where you are and have confusion what so ever on where your going and which tiny little roads are going to get you there. So don’t bother using your Garmin use Google maps when heading out into the backcountry its satellite maps are the best in the world and will provide you enough details to make sure you not only make it to your camping spot but also be able to see what’s around you when your there visiting. Also make sure the phone is plugged in as when your using your GPS it eats up allot of battery.

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