Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

The Google keyword planner is a free tool offered by Adwords to help you determine which keywords you should be targeting, the competiveness of the keywords and how much traffic you can except from those keywords. Using the keyword planner helps lay groundwork for a successful PPC campaign and digital marketing campaign. Some of the key benefits are:

Find relevant keywords to ones you are searching and may not have though of. The Google keyword planner gives suggestions of keywords you might never have thought of for your PPC and or SEO campaign. These other keywords might hold more traffic.

Get historical data on the keywords along with traffic estimates. See search volume monthly filter down to your city and see how many times a month your desired keywords are being searched. Make informed decisions. If setting up a PPC plans this helps you set your budgets and bids for keywords.

Using the Google keyword planner is a must for anyone embarking on a digital marketing strategy. It allows you to accurately estimate traffic target the right keywords and even allows you to save those keywords and keywords groups so you can easily fire up a PPC campaign when you ready. Looking to ramp up your lead flow? Let’s chat today.

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