Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Google Analytics offers a really cool tool setup called real time data. This allows you view real time visitors on your website and see what they are doing. With popular social media site like twitter you can tweet out to your favourites or to new popular folks on twitter and see the real time data visitors interacting with your website and see what they are engaging. At this point it good to have a lined up call to action that is inline with your tweet that has a goal attached to it. For instance you tweeting out your new app that helps save the world. Well when those people that are now on your website why not have a clean call to action that is right in line with what your tweet was and linked back to the tweet. Also setting up goals is very easy with Google Analytics. Having goals makes sure you know when users fill out your contact form, download your app or hit certain pages. You can go as far as having products creating goals for when you sell those products and the goals value. 


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