Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

While there are many different user testing services avaialble such as uTest, and verify. We provide in house software quality assurance (QA) testing in three distinct stages beacuse your success is critical to ours. The first stage is top level UX and Development project managers inspect code and make sure the build is solid.  Next we pass the build over to our QA team that let's us know there most painfull experiences and where we can even eliminate any confusion. This process is internal and usally is 2-4weeks in length depending on the scope of the proejct. A stellar UX process will always eliminate any task flow but sometimes the simplest things can confuse a regular use whom has never used the system before. We always provide out clients a testing period as well before we push the build live!

We test accross all devices and platforms developing locally pushing to a staging server then finally live. Getting software to a ship ready state is always the main goal and alloting proper time for QA always allows for a more solid, reliable and profitable build. You can take comfort knowing that we gaurntee an excellent software build that is ship ready.

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