Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Designing software is no easy task. A strong Needs Analysis must be done in order to determine the audiences who will engage the software, information architecture and all the while keeping it streamlined and simple in design. A good systems designer should be able to identify the difficult milestones within a software build easily. For instance the entire build might be 90% form based with all the bells and whistles of your typical web application ( blogs, messaging, users, forms, reports ) which is they easy stuff. The hard part is making sure the flow and user experience is dialed exactly to the business process. Also identify hardware components that may interact with the software such as scanners, ECMs or other hardware devices. With over 100 full custom software builds Red Cherry has the experience and know how to make sure every stone is turned and your company benefits from the software. Red Cherry brings together award winning UX designers and software developers along with experience that makes the software build exciting and engaging for our clients.

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