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Keeping passwords safe is a very simple thing to do but it's one the first pitfalls of common security breeches on someone's machine. Many people keep unencrypted passwords in notepad or files this is a big security risk as if any malware is to get on your machine it will find these passwords and hijack your Facebook account or any other online account such as banking or PayPal. Making sure your passwords are secure should be very high priority even if your single person working from home or a large corporation.

It's such a simple means of using programs such as last pass, keychain and other programs to securely store your passwords. A simple Google search will provide you with all sorts of options from cloud based password storage to local programs that run on your machine. Last pass is an excellent password storage SaaS / cloud service and will provide you allot more security, convenience and redundancy than using notepad, word, emails and other files to have insecure password storage. At Red Cherry we recommend at minimum to have some kind of password protect for your passwords.

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