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Have you ever heard someone talking about a UI or UX designer and wondered what the difference was? Well, for starters, some people would argue that there is no difference at all; but the truth is, they’re wrong.  These are two very different jobs; One focusing on the visuals and the other focusing on structure. So lets clear the air and go over what the differences are.

First of all, the term UI specifically stands for User Interface.  When looking at this term in regards to a UI designer, it simply means to design an interface for human and computer interaction.  To be a UI designer means that you are responsible for all visual components that connect users to computers and or mobile devices.  An example of this would be designing the ‘Look in feel’ of a website, or application, while making all interactive aspects easy and enjoyable.  UI designers, in most cases, have to also incorporate branding of a product and or company in order to reach both the company’s and users goals.

On the other hand, a UX designer is someone who looks after the core structure of these interactions.  It is their job to conduct user research and find out what the optimal functionality will be in order for a user to successfully use a product or service.  A UX designer often takes charge of wireframing which is the foundation of all designs. 

As you can see, UI and UX designers are very different.  One focuses on the analytical side of things while other focuses on the visuals.  If both UI and UX designs are successful, you can expect to use a beautiful and functional website or software application.

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