Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

As your aware many website allow up voting, likes, loves of content. What has this really done for you in the past besides help large corporations build a social profile of the goods you like and promote to you better. Also yes there is the social aspect but what if we told you could actually earn money through SMT ( smart media tokens ). This is no joke either many SMT’s are launched and already very successful helping websites monetize content and creating strong enceintes for audiences to engage and participate. Not only does this reward provide you money but it encourages high quality content to be produced. Having a mutual benefit  between both parties helps drive growth on your digital platform and perhaps the best is there Is zero transaction fees and these tokens can be bought and sold on most major exchanges. At Red Cherry we are leveraging Blockchain and ETH 20 to build SMT’s for the next generation of websites. This is not to be taken lightly as now we can align community members and the creators of applications to build the vision they seek.  For content based sites and tokens, incentive alignment between sites and their users will come from decentralized and mathematically guaranteed, release of new tokens, and incentives that must be allocated to the users - including bloggers, vloggers, commenters and curators. The distribution of new tokens occurs based on stake-weighted voting to prevent gaming and eliminate the need for a counterparty.

Do you have a website with upvoting, likes or community start to consider the benefits of implementing SMT to drive growth and results.

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