Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

So, your company has just tackled the very important question: “Should we invest in custom software solution for our business or try to carry on without?” with the answer “Yes, we are ready for a custom software solution to improve efficiencies in our business model.” You have taken the important steps in interviewing a variety of companies who provide custom software solutions and have narrowed down your search to one company who best fits your needs and requirements (remember, you shouldn’t choose a company based on lowest cost, but rather the best fit and flexibility to meet your needs). So, now what? How do you and your software company begin the exploration process of developing your custom software?

An initial engagement meeting is absolutely necessary between the software development team and your company’s stakeholders who will all be using the custom software in some form or another. Don’t be afraid to bring in all tiers in your company (from customer support staff to executive management) so they can inform the software development team on their exact needs and current frustrations with the current business processes. A successful initial meeting will make everyone feel like their input has been heard and taken into consideration when the software build commences.

The company developing the custom software must fully comprehend the exact pains that employees are experiencing and how the new piece of custom software will fit into the business model. A good custom software solution has no chance of surviving if it does not blend in with how the company executes its business strategy.

Many people breeze over that initial meeting, assuming it should be a top-level meeting that quickly addresses pains and needs. Don’t fall into that trap. Ensure the company you choose to develop your custom software understands your business inside and out.

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