Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

As technology continues to shape our day to day lives, it is becoming more and more evident that we are entering an era of Hybridity.  This new era, called The hybrid age, is an age where we will see huge technological advancements as well as the incorporation of technology into the human body. Yes, thats right, technology will merge with the human body and is predicted to do so at an exponential rate.  In fact, we have already started seeing several cases where technology has given humans the ability to do something that they would have never been able to do prior.  For example, a deaf child who had microchips implanted into his brain now has the ability to hear, or a paralyzed woman who can now feed herself through robotic arm that are controlled by her brain waves.  Not only will we see the incorporation of technology into our bodies but we will also notice a strong dependency on how well we can adjust and understand these advances. Take into consideration the job of a Barista.  Several years ago they were only required to make and serve coffee but now days they also have to be able to use a computer in order to place an order as well understand wifi and be able to trouble shoot the connection if the signal drops. This is just one of many cases where we can see how much our day to day lives depend on our abilities to use and understand technology.  So don’t put technology on the back burner.  Embrace it and see what technology can do for you.

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