Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Interactive data diagrams allow our clients to click through the software/websites, login as personas (user types) and test with the software before all the major logic is implemented. What this means is you click though the entire software getting a real understanding of user experience, flow and feel. For instance moving through the checkout process it allows you to see a feel what its like to be a persona moving through your web application. 

Also it allows use to review the system across all mobile, tablet and desktop devices and thoroughly test as well. Being able to test all user types and personas with interactive wireframes is the closest you can get to touching and feeling your website/software build before all the major coding is applied to the system. It allows both parties to see the clearly defined build and agree on what we can expect once the system is tied into a working database and migrated to live status. After persona mapping, information architecture, wireframing and visual design interactive wireframes are always stitched together before moving forward with any large system build.

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