Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

It’s time to put names to faces and assemble your key stakeholders, identify problems and define success for your key stakeholders. Bringing energy and excitement with positive energy always helps foster a strong relationship but getting right to stakeholder interviews, research and document gathering right away will make sure your projects direction is started and the ball is rolling along nicely. We always skip right to the hard questions. Have some questions be answered completely honest and open as possible. Let your stakeholders tell you their dreams and fears revel organizations structures and DNA by looking into the “heart” of each stakeholder. 

Our job is to revel pain points for all your personas user journeys, but also when called upon your organizations pain points at your personas touch points. We not only come open armed to our kickoff meetings but very prepared in the sense of looking at your competitors and what benchmarks they have set for you. We engage organizations with no risk open discussion and try to dig deep into what the full potential could be. With Red Cherry its about user centered design, engaging and productive kickoff meetings.

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