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Your data is tracked at an all time high these days so perhaps you feel at this point they might as well let them have it all or not…. Well that is the case and its becoming the case in many of our daily social patterns, decisions and trends. The tracking of our patterns and data will be used for advanced AI and will make us smarter, faster and perhaps even more environmentally aware society. But at the end of the day its just another data set against thousands, which can be scaled by AI in the near future.

Recently with version 3.222.4 Uber has included background caching of a users geo location and many other attributes. So what this means is when the App is running in the background and (your not using the app your on facebook) it still activity collects your data ( location ). Now as most smartphone users know they can turn off sharing of their locations using your phones settings screen. There are many scenarios objectively for why this is good for Uber such as safety, pick up locations and a better user experience.  Truly all this data will really help the App succeed and become even sharper and ultimately more users. The thing that seems out of place is the now even Uber knows where you are at all times when your phone is on. This obviously exists with thousands of other Apps, Data Providers and Carriers but it seems a little to close to home. Again you can manually enter in your address and turn of location sharing services using Uber but thats your choice and its much more cumbersome from a UX perspective even enough to just share your location.

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