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Making sure your software and systems are secure is key. To know software security you need to be able to understand how to break it. Having built secure systems for banking, military and business Red Cherry has a deep understanding of how to build secure software. From a high level view there are two points where your security can be breached. Either from the server its self or exploited through the software its self. 

Making sure your server is secure means having dedicated server admins that keep only the necessary ports open, server software up to date and monitor network traffic. Our software system using custom logins and sessions that are not open source, this means no one has ever seen the source code. Each build has its own set of security “keys” that are unique to each build. All transactions of data use the latest MySQL PDO libraries and work over SSL. If your looking for a custom software, web application or app solution call /email us today to discuss your project details.

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