Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Using our process we have reduced risk in many of our software builds by having a throughout process that covers many key areas such as Persona Mapping, Information Architecture, Journey Mapping, Wireframing, System Mapping and Entity Relationship Diagrams. What this allows is for Red Cherry to get a very clear idea of the software build before we start coding but also gives both our clients and Red Cherry a common road map to what we are doing a common ground of understanding. 

One of the biggest problems of scope creep, unexpected costs and refactoring is poorly planned projects that both parties are not able to understand from a high level. Giving our clients easy to understand documentation that gives easy understanding for both parties allows for more effective collaboration, which means more over turned stones and less refactoring down the road. This means your software build will stay on budget, on time and built to everyone’s expectations.  Having built over 150+ enterprise software builds Red Cherry prides its self in its process it continual evolution and pushing best practices for project planning, software development and user experience to the for front. 

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