Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Making sure a user can find what they are looking for without expending too much effort is a must if you want high conversions and close leads. A usable website means reducing the friction for your users. Your website can be the forefront of your marketing strategy and this is very important for your business to succeed. User testing against your personas is key to discovering any friction that may exist. Having friction will cause visitors not to return and is critical giving your business a better chance of converting visitors to clients.

Users who find your site simple and intuitive instantly have a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. This helps you serve your calls to action with a higher probability of getting visitors converting to leads and singing on as clients. Using tools such as lets you record visitors clicks, scrolling and provides instant feedback with heat maps, mouse tracking and in-page analytics. In conjunction with Google analytics you can see if your website feels natural or is forced and friction is present. Is your website performing? What is your bounce rate? What percentage of your visitors are reaching your goals? You should know these values and know what your targets are. Interested in finding out what they should let’s chat.

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