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In todays mobile dominant world, it is increasingly important to focus on mobile development, as well as cross-platform compatibility, when developing new apps.  One of the main issues with mobile and cross-platform development is that it is very time consuming and costly.  In order to properly create an app that is fully functional on all mobile devices, a developer typically has to code out the application using each platform's (operating system’s) native language.  That would mean that a developer would have to create the same app, several times, using each operating systems specific native language (Objective-C for iOS, Java For Android, and C++ for Windows).  So how can you get your app developed more efficiently?

Well Luckily for you there is a mobile framework called PhoneGap.  PhoneGap is an open source mobile application development tool that uses HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create native applications.  To create a cross-platform app using PhoneGap, all your developer has to do is develop the app once, using the web technologies that he or she already knows (HTML5, CSS3, & JavaScript), then leave the rest to PhoneGap. PhoneGap bridges the ‘gap’ between JavaScript and the operating system’s native language by allowing the JavaScript application programming interface (API) to access and control the device.  This means that the developer will no longer have to worry about learning complex native languages in order to produce cross-platform applications.  All they have to do, is simply use the languages they already know, then let PhoneGap communicate the rest. 

With this new technology, PhoneGap makes it possible for developers to create apps quickly and efficiently, ultimately cutting costs for both business owners and developers.  Not only does this help cut costs, but if you need an application built and have a small amount of time to do so, then PhoneGap has your back;  PhoneGap will turn your app into a cross-platform mobile application in no time. 

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