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Open source software has provided us some of the best operating systems, advancements in coding engines and a amazing array of different software systems. It has also allowed people to collaborate all over the world on software projects to help make better software. One thing that is often over looked is the security of open source systems. For example you have a Wordpress website and are using a open source plugin. How secure is this plugin? Did you test it first? Do you know how even? At Red Cherry we make sure all plugins are secure to the best of our knowledge by trying to break them, testing them and always making sure they are kept up to date. Red Cherry uses its own custom users, permissions and login scripts for all its software builds to ensure maximum security for all of its software products. When using open source it important to always review all the patches and see if there are often security updates/breach’s that have been patched.  This help gives insights to not only if the software is being kept up to date often but also how many vulnerabilities have been exposed over the lifespan of the build. Making sure your software build is secure means consistent uptime for your website or software product and less headaches of downtime.

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