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Using open source platforms provide a vast amount of elegantly built technology but they need to be kept up to date, monitored and understood. Knowing how to update your Wordpress or Magento build while keeping all the modules and plugins updated is key to your websites security, optimal functionality and user experience. Included with all are builds is maintenance of your open source solution. We make sure its up to date, tested and functional. Both Wordpress and Magento are very large builds with 1000’s of plugins and extensions. At Red Cherry we test plugins security layers and make sure the plugin is often updated and has strong community reviews and support. For instance if the Wordpress plugin is not present in the Wordpress plugins page we typically recommend not using the plugin. Also there are many powerful plugins that offer monthly subscription fees or SaaS model for Wordpress and Magento. In short there are many options and avenues you need a strong web development team on your side to ensure websites, SaaS, eccomerce product, custom software or app has 100% uptime, your user experience is always optimal and secure.

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