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The new iPhone X with Face ID seems to scare the crap out of me. How much data "they" are gathering on the population now right down to your fingerprint, face and voice what kind of consequences if any will this spell in the future?  It's coming across in such safe manner too. Easier to unlock your phone, easier to pay, better security oh and yeah now we know your face and any machine does now as well. Remember the days when cell phones came out and people were so worried about privacy with location? Now people share their real-time locations across multiple apps what was icky has now become accepted as normal. What will really happen to you except your life becomes better? It' already happening but somehow the Face ID for me is the future. I'm curious how people feel about privacy or if you care? Do you want a powerful AI knowing your face of family and friends and your patterns? Perhaps you might be part of the rebellion in the future with John Connor ( terminator) so don't ever scan your face! Let me know how do you feel Face ID is it cool and don't worry about or is it scary knowing a powerful AI now knows your face. Happy Halloween!

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