Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Did you know that it is estimated that over 2 billion people will own a smartphone by 2015?  This means that mobile websites are going to be more important now than they’ve ever been before.  So if your company currently has a mobile friendly website, then your on the right track, but if not, we’re going to give you some helpful web design tips that will put you on your way to success.

The first thing you will need to do, when designing a mobile website, is find out who your target audience is.  Once you can understand who is visiting your website, and what pages they are looking for, you will then be able to cater your content properly and gain insight towards what type of design your website will require.  The next thing you will need to do is make sure your design is simple.  Keep the most important content out in the open and stick to a single column layout.  Single column layouts are great for mobile devices as they eliminate a great deal of frustration while creating ease-of-use.  Another key aspect is to design with a touch screen in mind.  This means, allowing enough space for someones fingers to properly touch a button without something else interfering with it.  You can achieve this by simply bumping up your white space and increasing the size of your buttons and or links.  Lastly, it is no lie that people today who use mobile devices love social media, so why not use this to your advantage.  You should be integrating social media buttons, that link directly to your company’s social pages, as well as adding share buttons throughout your website so people can share your content with the rest of the world.  If your website can encompass all of these very important aspects, then you will be well on your way to creating an amazing mobile experience that will keep your visitors coming back for more.

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