Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Thinking about building a mobile web app? Are you stuck with what framework to use? There are many out there but the two heavy hitters are Sencha Touch 2 and jQuery mobile. Sencha touch provides a better native look and feel but it is pure javascript and very difficult to get any solid documentation. You may want to try Sencha Touch after viewing their website and browsing over the documentation, but if your company has no development experience you will find there is a quick learning curve with little or no examples for key functionality. Sencha does provide a better look and feel but, over all, you are trapped within its licensing agreements and if you are to make any major updates to your mobile app you can expect a longer development time. jQuery mobile is simply a html5 extension and for most developers these days. jQuery is standard knowledge. The ease of use and speed at which you can develop with jQuery mobile is amazing you can put together powerful mobile apps in a couple weeks and with many examples out there it simply the best route to go. We feel if you looking for a native look and feel then just build native. If your looking for a quick mobile app to complement your website then jQuery mobile is your best bet. Also, using phoneGap you can put your mobile web app in the app store and add any native features quickly. Furthermore, jQuery mobile supports many more phone builds than Sencha and is much more lightweight and quicker. In our experience jQuery mobile is the best choice. 

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