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In the world of apple, things definitely seem to have been pretty boring lately especially with the disappointing release of iOS7 and Mavericks - but good news is here.  Apple has created a new mobile operating system called iOS8 that is sure to excite.  This time around, apple has put all of its time towards optimizing and revolutionizing how the world interacts with their devices.  lets go over some of the cool new features so you can see how iOS8 will effect your user experience.

The first feature that apple has introduced is something called Interactive Notifications.  Interactive notifications are exactly what they sound like, they are notifications that allow you to interact with them, ultimately saving you tons of time.  For example, when you receive a text message and your phone sends you a notification, normally you would have to click on that notification and then be brought to your messages.  With interactive notifications you can now choose to type and send your message all on one screen without having to navigate away from the home or lock screen. Pretty cool eh?

The next feature is the new and improved keyboard with the added functionality of QuickType.  Quick type is a smart feature that will learn the phrases you use and make suggestions according to your history.  That means that your keyboard will learn the language you use depending on who your talking to and what app your in (email vs text message) so you can get that message sent a little quicker.

One of the last features that we think will be a sure hit, are the newly built in health & fitness apps.  These apps, ranging from a heart rate monitor to fitness works, are not only designed to give users accurate insight towards health and wellness, but are also designed to change how we monitor and track our health on a daily basis.

With many more cool new features in the up and coming release of iOS8, it is safe to say that apple has put a lot more thought into user experience and has optimized how we will interact with their products.

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