Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

With many large system there can be many touch points, process flows, pages and use cases. Using a information architecture not only allows you to see 1000 foot overview of a project but also allows you review each personas ( user type ) interaction with the system in fine detail. Think of a flow chart and how decisions points are made and people flow from screen to screen. A good information architecture will show this but will also include process flows, easy to understand user flows, help define size of the project and finally link up to wireframes to give a very clear understanding of product usage. 

The information architecture also gives early warning signals for UX pitfalls and other major UX over sights. I truly is the roadmap to any successful project. It reduces refactoring costs and presents your system so the CEO to the UX designer has a clear understanding of the API’s your may or may not interface with and how it should flow and function. Here at Red Cherry we always have a information architecture even if it is a small website or a very large enterprise software build. It all part of user centered design and building successful products that stand out and are ROI driven.

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