Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Creating clear top level messaging for your customers is essential to highly engaging customer experience. Top level messaging can come from three levels. The first your brand and or market position this dictates the essence of your business and the “edge” your business has over its competitors. This messaging can easily be pulled from your brand DNA. Second level messaging is called audience specific messages. These address each persona that might engage your brand online (customers, business partners or employees).

After developing your messaging architecture this will define your vision, mission, positioning statements and key messages for your audiences. So simply put on the hero banner of your website you should have clear calls to action that are using second level messaging that speaks directly to each persona with supporting imagery. Finally we have individual specific messages that are defined and crafted explicitly for each persona with the entire page speaking to them. The individual messages should always be inline with your messaging architecture. 

Having strong brand presence along with clearly defined messaging architecture and properly designed website that supports mobile, tablet and desktop browsers will ensure your website produces a high ROI and delivers results for your company. Create engaging experiences that promote your brand contact us today to chat.

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