Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

WebRTC allows uses with HTML5 common browsers such as Google Chrome. To have peer to peer video chat using WebRTC (real time communication).  Most video chat platforms use flash player which is quite powerful but sometimes can cause hang-ups if the user has not updated their flash player or even have flash installed or enabled. The latest HTML5 peer-to-peer video chat technologies are browser accessible which means there is a common platform for all users to chat with.  What this means is no downloading, installing or updating it simply runs with your web browser and gives you a rich video chat experience. 

We used this technology with giving uses the ability to simply use there browser without any flash plugins. We did leave the ability for them to use a flash version of the video chat as well incase they are running an older browser.  What does this all mean? Imagine in the future your phone, TV, desktop, tablet can all communicate with each other on a common platform this is powerful! Heavy hitters such as Facebook and Google are now use webRTC and it is now open source, free, standardized and more efficient than existing technologies. 

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