Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

The CloudFare content delivery network (CDN) protects and increases the speed of your website to visitors all around the world. Using intelligent routing the CloudFare network optimizes the delivery of your website so load times are decreased and web page performance is increased. They also block threats from abusing your servers bandwidth and server resources. CloudFare is available for free with anyone who has a domain and it takes less than 10minutes to signup and super charge your DNS. 

Your website on average using CloudFare will load twice as fast, use 60% less bandwidth, 65% fewer requests and is much more secure.

If your looking for SEO its important that you use every edge possible to make sure your website content is delivered as fast as possible. We make sure all our clients are setup using CloudFares state of the art CDN, optimizer and make sure your website is never down because of DDOS attacks, SQL injection and malware. One small but very important part for any one running a web app or website. With CloudFares large community there security blanket is always being updated to keep your site protected against threats.  If you are looking for SEO or building a new website contact us today to chat and find out more.

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