Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Throughout the week you ride a wave of energy that you need to harness to make the most of your time. First thing is to understand are you a maker (designer / coder) or a manager (project manager / sales manager). A mangers time blocks are in 30minute intervals throughout the day and their task can change every 15-30 minutes. A maker’s time is spent being creative and this means 30minute windows are much to constrictive and can interrupt the flow of creative thinking. Taking the path of least mental resistance is giving creative thinkers the time they need to build off older ideas apply their own self imposed limitations to create a masterpiece.  This allows creative thinkers to day dream and get back to the problem at hand. Take a short walk and look at the big picture to discover elegance is the process perhaps or ask what have might been. Your makers need the time flexibility to create masterpieces and should not be shuffled into 30minute time slots and shifting quickly from one project to the next. Creative thinking needs fostering and time for preparation, incubation, intimidation, insight/illumination and verification.  With that aside here is a great plan for throughout the week. 

Monday:  Setting goals, organizing, and planning. Clear out all the easy tasks and prepare mentally by writing out your tasks on a high level. 

Tuesday & Wednesday: Are when your peak energy should be harnessed to do the most difficult tasks. Start scratching off your high level to dos from your list. Open your project management software and go to town!

Thursday: Energy begins to ebb — schedule meetings, especially when consensus is needed.

Friday: Lowest energy level — do open-ended work, long-term planning, and relationship building.

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