Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

The latest operating system for most Apple products has arrived. iOS 7 delivers a new flat design with clean look and feel. It gives the user so much less distraction leaving more focus on the intended data. There are few changes through the system that could really stump novice users but using gestures or simply just being intuitive about it makes most apps respond how you want. The Airdrop feature is very handy for sharing pictures, music and other files quickly. It seems like SIRI went back to school and now can totally understand you almost 100% of the time which makes it a very useful tool now. The new photo gallery is great for sharing moments of photos which for anyone who has grandparents this a must. To top it off they add a new notification centre which is really streamlined view of top level functionality that is commonly accessed they even added a little flash light. We are happy to see Apple pushing the flat and clean design direction we feel this makes everything easier to understand moving forward in this ever more complex world.

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