Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Experience mapping is a great tool to help describe a customer experience through an existing service. Not only can a experience map identify major pain points but also help dramatically improve services and brand strength. Seeing the experience through your customer eyes is a very important aspect to a legit experience map. These will include exchanges between your customer and your service or product that are outside your control ( facebook, twitter interactions or searching the web for instance ). Understanding this is critical to understanding how you get your first lead or how a customer decides to engage your service or product. 

Ethnographies and research of real customers is your best bet to get the real scoop on what is going on. If not using the internal team works as well but using real customers will give true insights. Make sure all Personas are represented in the experience map(s) along with their respected goals, touch points, moments of truth and emotions.  Creating valuable artefacts that represent your customer experience not only helps build strong brands but leads to better software, apps and website that provide an optimal user experience. Experience maps help show multiple touch points over time and deliver  quantifiable information that can be used to improve customer experiences from the inside out.

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