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HTML5 and CSS3 have quickly become buzz words in the web development industry, but why?  This is simply because they both bring vast new capabilities and introduce clean and simple methodologies.  

The most exciting new feature that has been added to HTML5 is the assortment of new elements which will make html docs more semantic.  For example, previously when marking up a webpage, people would have to use div’s along with descriptors, such as classes or id’s, in order to specify sections for styling.  With HTML5, this aspect has been simplified as new elements such as: header, nav, section, aside, and footer have been introduced; therefore making the elements throughout the html doc more relative.  Although the HTML5 element tags are not limited to these, you can start to understand how using a header tag over div =“header” can make for a more semantic structure. In terms of CSS3, features such as Media queries and transitions allow us to adapt more readily to todays devices while having a bit more fun.  For example, before CSS3 we had no easy way to create responsive styling without using javascript to detect screen size.  With CSS3 media queries we can now detect multiple screen sizes and specify specific styling for elements which makes responsive development much easier.  Along with this, comes the fun part.  CSS3 has introduced various new animation features which can easily allow us jazz up a boring ol website and turn it into something new and exciting. So web developers, start embracing HTML5 and CSS3 and find out what you and your users have been missing.

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