Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Is your company looking to find an email management systems that will not only help monitor your customers but also boost your sales?  Then Campaign Monitor is the right program for you.  Campaign Monitor is a very powerful software system that allows you to create, send, and optimize, your email marketing campaigns all at the click of a button.  It’s easy to use interface along with its customizable capabilities will change the way you use and think about email management systems.

So what makes Campaign Monitor so different?  Well first of all, Campaign Monitor has a very simple user interface that makes the program anything but intimidating;  Its ease of use and simplicity makes reading and understanding reports a breeze and doesn’t leave you questioning what you are looking at. Red Cherry recommends Campaign Monitor.  Along with the overall simplicity of the program, it also has tons of cool built in features such real time reporting.  Real time reporting shows you who has opened your email and who's has engaged with it (by clicking on buttons or links) exactly as it happens.  To make this feature even better, there is an option to view this data on a map which really puts into perfective the world wide customer basis that you have attracted.  Another cool feature of Campaign Monitor is that it offers in email call to actions.  For example, when a campaign gets sent out, you not only have the ability to market a product but you also have the ability to add buttons such as: ’Buy Now’ or ‘Share’ via social networks which will ultimately optimize your marketing strategies.  Lastly, Campaign Monitor is fully customizable.  Whether you are using the software systems for yourself or you are setting it up for a client, you have the ability to completely rebrand the look and feel and integrate the system to whatever existing platform you may already have.  Now what other program can do that? So next time your trying to set up an email management system, make the simple decision and choose Campaign Monitor.

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