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Interested in knowing what your really eating? Well luckily for you a new camera has recently been developed to do just that.  AIM, short for Automatic Ingestion Monitor, is a little gadget that clips onto your ear (similarly to a bluetooth device) and records what your eating, when your eating, and how much your eating.  So how does it work? Well this tiny little device actually has a built in camera that will take photos of your food or beverages as you ingest them. The cool part about this device is that it has built in sensors that can tell when your eating, opposed to talking, which triggers the camera to snap a photo of your anticipated meal. Also comes with a handy little app too.  Along with the motion activated camera, the sensors also monitor the amount of times it took the person to chew their food in order to correctly record the amount of food they are eating.

So why use this device? Well this device will prove itself to be very beneficial as it completely changes the way we monitor and record our diets.  Think about it, many nutritionists, doctors, and weight loss apps currently reply on self-reporting techniques which can often be skewed due to forgetting to input meals or simply not recording proper portions. So rather than having to record the information yourself, this device will record it for you which will ultimately provide more accurate results. With higher accuracy, this device will not only benefit the person trying to track their diet but it will also help doctors better understand human eating habits. We at Red Cherry are looking forward to more devices like this coming to the market to help make the human race healthier, stronger and fitter... and perhaps take a look into why our button on our pants blew off after thanksgiving dinner.

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