Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

If you looking for new keywords ideas for your services or product it very common to use the Google Keyword Planner to get an idea of what kind of traffic those keywords might bring and how competitive they are. The other benefits are related keywords. Coming up with a sound SEO strategy means finding not only keywords that you can surmount but also keywords with great long tail potential. Once you have a good idea of these keywords its time to stop over to SEM Rush and look at how is ranking for these keywords this is your competition. By this we want to see what pages your competition has optimized for and the strengths. This means looking at content, meta and other on pages properties but also studying the back links, social and other off page strategies and deployments. In SEM rush this tool can be accessed under the winners and losers report. 

Mimicking strategy is always a good idea if your sure where to start and finding those competitive benchmarks is now easier sometimes than simply do a Google search for your product or services search term. Now keep in mind you’re not going to be at the top for one word keywords ever or keywords that have large corporations behind them unless you can match their man power and resources. This is possible but it’s easier to focus on more relevant niche terms people might use to find you. For example bulk organic coffee beans rather than just coffee beans. By selecting these long tail keywords you can then work backwards as the keyword gains strength and start focusing on bulk coffee beans or organic coffee beans. In short using SEM rush opens the doors to see what companies ranking first are doing right in overall high level sense and what other’s are doing wrong. Having a digital marketing firm that tackle your SEO campaign within your budget and produce ROI to maintain a symbiotic relationship while maintaining delight is key to any service or product online. Have a SEO strategy in mind call or email today to discuss and start building your online digital marketing strategy!

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