Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

We all know the free app outs there sometimes come with ad banners that help generate click through revenue for the app developer but also consume space on your app near the bottom. These are called banner ads and are supported by many ad networks. They do produce revenue but are loosing allot of market share with more well thought out Native Ads. According to recent studies Native Ads have grown 500% since this January and are expected become the standard in in app advertising. Already companies are creating API’s to help support Native Ads but where the true marketing power comes from is integration of the right company, campaign and user flow into your App. For example you complete so many tasks you are then presented with a discount towards a store item that is relevant to the work flow or apps intentions. eCPMS are increased on average with Native ads by 300-500% not native ads not only really improve the overall experience of your app but they provide a greater ROI.

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