Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Creating blog content not only shows you’re an expert in your field but can also be used as a key function in your SEO campaign. The main reason is each time you create a blog post your creating a new page that contains title tags, meta tags, and content that now can be targeted for specific keywords. This new unique page now has the ability to attract new traffic from the search engines and has a big advantage rather than keyword stuffing two or more keywords per page. When you create the page try working in a way that describes how your customer might approach you. Don’t worry about getting the exact keyword work on long term phrases that are about 3-4 keywords in length. These will rank high in the SERP and be more specific to what your customer is looking for. A great tool for Wordpress users in Yoast it allows you easily setup the page for your target keywords and ensures your SEO checklist is completed for best results. Creating a simple blog post will work too but try and provide useful information that your users will really appreciate to the upmost degree.  Prove you’re an expert in your field and show off your latest and greatest that your company has to offer. Using a content management system such as Wordpress also makes it allot easier to create content and organize it over time. 

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