Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Many software systems that we must build at Red Cherry are very complex, have many use cases and requirements. But how do you tackle all of this and come out with a software product that not only meets your clients expectations but surpasses them? Using a UCD (user centered) design process allows us to leverage each angle of the problem in simple and elegant fashion. The approach to the overall flow of the system from a very high level of information architecture (IA) allows us to easily the equality between the art and science of the product. Having the full understanding of just the structure of the software product allows us to examine the system at the level of objects, choices, disclosure, exemplars and growth for focused navigation for each persona.  As a small example you can see the rest of our UCD process here IA provides insights during the exploration of know and unknown items and helps identify scope and size of a project. 

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