Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Red Cherry has been working on a new App called Clean the Creek over the last 6 months. Clean the Creek will be a free App that will allow users to tag and clean dirty locations around where you live. For instance you see some garbage all on the side of your favourite hiking trail but don’t have anything to pick it up with. Simply take a photo and Clean the Creek tags this location on Google maps, notifies other that 100km radius around you and allows you to share it on Facebook as well. Reason we built this App is to give back to the world it’s been an idea that our CEO Dan Carter has had for a very long time. Now with Pokémon Go and geolocation hunting being so popular we really hope that people embrace there community’s to try and make this world better than we found it. Like adopt a highway signs showing who takes care of a portion of a highway or a creek. Clean the Creek allows this to be anywhere you find garbage. The app will be launching July 26th for iOS  please stay tuned and check out the App for free!

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