Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Using voice and text you can now integrate Amazon Lex in your chat bots using AI ( artificial intelligence & deep learning ). This allows for our client to have better customer support with life like natural conversations that answer real problems. So for instance your looking to book a hotel you ask I would like to book a hotel, Lex answers sure where would you like to book, you answer New York, Lex answers when is your stay and keeps answering your questions and collecting the data until the fulfillment mechanism for you intent is completed. By Lex fulfilling the intent of users questions it can prompt to then verify the user input. The future of chat bots is bright as two thirds of consumers now interact with companies via chat so the natural leveraging of using chat bots  for repetitive tasks such as looking up shipping information, warranty information or other repeated tasks within the organization. With AI technologies emerging all the time Amazon Lex is nice addition to voice and speech  allowing for common uses as chat bots, application bots, transactional bots, productivity bots and device controllers.

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