Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Teamwork PM provides an excellent web and mobile app for keeping you and your team on track. A very productive tool is the task manager. With the task manager, you can create tasks and sub-tasks and even store them as a template. So for instance, if you run a construction business you might have a certain number of tasks that need to be completed each time you start a new project. From planning, design, development, permits within each of those tasks you can have subtasks to however many levels you need. This allows you to simply create from the template each time you have a new client and instantly know yes these are the tasks I need to complete. Over time you can modify the template and even assign employees/contractors to their tasks. Tasks can have reminders, time allotted, attachments everything you need in one central place. Having a process to follow keeps not only your team in a system that works but gives your clients an easier way to know where their project is at and what to expect. 

With a busy business, there are client-specific tasks and business tasks as well. You should not just have these floating around in emails, pieces of paper, reminders, notes on your smartphone but in a project management system where you can assign priority and know what is to be expected. Not only will this drive you to run your business better but will result in better services delivered by your business. 

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