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The countdown is on for the release of Apple’s latest device.  Apple is launching the new Apple Watch as of April 24 with pre-orders starting on April 10th. The new Apple watch will be available in three different styles, Watch Sport, Watch, and Watch Edition, all coming in two different sizes (either 38mm or 42mm) with a large assortment of bands to choose from.  

So whats all the hype?  Should you be getting in on Apple’s latest gadget?  Well it depends if you want to pay for it.  As revealed by Apple a couple days ago, the Watch will range from $449 to a whopping $22,000.  Yes you read that correctly, 22,000 dollars.  Apple has made it very clear that they are entering a new market of wearable technology that targets a wide range of buyers including the luxury watch industry.  So if you afford to add the new gadget to your Apple collection, then here are some of the feature that you can expect.

Much like the iPhone, the Apple watch will have integrated calling capabilities that will allow you to receive phone calls without having to answer your phone.  The Apple watch also integrates a notification system that is very similar to the ones that show up the iPhone’s lock screen called ‘Actionable notifications’.  These notification will have pre-determined actions such as ‘dismiss’ or ‘snooze’ to make interacting with your smart watch simpler.  Along with actionable notification, you can expect to still have capabilities of scrolling through apps, summoning Siri, and sending messages to friends. The biggest difference that you will see in the new watch is the interface.  Rather than having the typical interface that you would get on the iPhone or iPad, the watch takes on of a more spherical feel as apps are circular and displayed in a fun circular manner (almost like bubbles) in order to make the most of a smaller screen.  On top of this, the Apple watch takes advantage a new feature called Apple Pay as it has integrated NFC capabilities which allow you to pay with your credit cards in a touch of a button.  Lastly, one of the most talked about features comes from Apple’s new line of health apps.  The watch will be able to monitor your heart rate, track how far you ran, how many calories you burned, and in some cases, tell you to stand up if you’ve been sitting for too long. Here at Red Cherry we can't wait to start developing new exciting apps for the Watch! 

Overall, the Apple watch integrate some pretty cool new features, although it is still unclear whether the watch can truly live up to its heavy price tag.

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