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Some of the hottest web design trends and techniques from last year have really become the standard for almost all website builds. Responsive web design where layouts match any device such as mobile, tablet, and any other device that maybe released in the future insures your website can easily viewed by any device. Retina graphics for website has also came into light. A retina screen is twice as dense as an average screen and can hold twice as many pixels in the same space. This means there are actually two sets of images loaded for the site one for regular resolution and one for retina at double resolution. Retina.js makes it easy to serve high-resolution images to devices with retina displays and loads the proper image based on the detection of the a retina screen. Some other trends are fixed header bars which provide navigation even when a user has scrolled down the page. This provide a great user experience as navigation is always present and easy to access. Speaking of navigation mobile navigation toggles are now a great way to hide all menu items but when clicked exposes a full menu. It keeps the user experience simplified as screen is not cluttered with options and choices. CSS3 is backwards compatible and provides lightweight features such as transitions, animation, calculations, counters, gradients, web fonts, media queries, 3D transformations and much more. The web developer tool box has grown significantly allowing the creation of even more brilliant web sites and web applications moving forward. We feel clean, minimalist flat design is great direction and are embracing it with all of our latest projects.

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