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When it comes to your website, we know that you need top notch security especially if your website is powered by Wordpress.  Wordpress, being one of the most popular content management systems, has become a huge target by hackers as it is an easy way to gain access to thousands of websites.  So how do you make your Wordpress site secure? Easy! Red Cherry’s Web Design and Development team has the scoop. 

Red Cherry’s Web Design and Development team’s best advice is to Limit access, monitor, and update. Limiting access can be as simple as changing file permissions from writeable to read only.  Doing this not only secures your files but it reduces possible access points that a hacker may be trying to find.  Another way to enhance security of your Wordpress site is to update.  Wordpress is constantly improving their software security so updating your website, and plug-ins, will minimize your sites vulnerability.  Lastly, take the time to monitor your site.  All Wordpress sites have a built in logging system that records all activity allowing you to see if an unknown source has been accessing and or compromising your website.  In the case of being compromised, ALWAYS back up your files.  This will save you tons of time when you have to reinstall your site and start from scratch. This is all maintained and managed by Red Cherry so you never have to worry about your Wordpress installation being hacked or taken down.

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