Ramp up your lead flow for your Business !

Customized content helps deliver your prospects through your sales process and create customers. In order for this to happen you really need to understand your customers and what makes them tick.  A persona map helps visually represent your customer’s needs and at what stage of the sales process these needs have to be addressed.  This helps define potential pain points and helps you create a more strategic funnel to deliver what your customers want and what they value.  Some basic steps to persona mappings are:

Research: Depending on who your customer is start collecting data through focus groups, online research, social research and in depth interviews. 

Segment: Now its time to address each persona with a detail description of each one. Such as job type, daily routine, company name and even a photo.

Identity: What is it that each segment is looking for?  What makes them want to buy something from you? Where are the pains in the sales cycle? Where do they spend there time online? The more information you can identify here the better you content you can deliver to each persona.

Share: Share this information with everyone in your company pass around the illustration of the persona map and get input from everyone see what there take is on each persona now that they have a clear illustration in front of them.

If persona mapping is done using this approach its makes an excellent way to learn the ins and outs of your customers and how to increase your ROI and have happy customers at the of the day. 

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